Ambulance Subscription

Station 26 & Station 57

Emergency Dial: 911


2010 Ford E- 450
Built by LifeLine
PA Department of Health BLS Licensed.

The Chicora Community Ambulance station 57 serves the residents and businesses of Chicora Borough, Donegal Township and portions of Fairview, Concord, Oakland and Clearfield Townships. This covers about a 55 square mile area.Our advanced life support team partners are Butler Ambulance Service Station 99 and Petrolia EMS Station 53.

Ambulance 57-1 is licensed by the PA Department of Health to provide basic life support. Equipment includes: 1 AED (automatic external defibulator), portable suction and oxygen units, long and short back boards, adult and children splints and immobilizers, cervical collars, dispatch and hospital radios, cell phone, GPS and other equipment required by BLS Licensing.

Our EMT's are required to take 120 hours of classroom and practical training and pass a Pennsylvania Department of Health examination to be certified as an EMT for 3 years. Then, EMT's are required to take 24 hours of continuing education training and CPR to be recertified for another 3 year period.

At present when the pager sounds, 20 EMT's and drivers are proudly serving the Chicora Community at Station 57.

Our 2017 Chicora Community Ambulance membership drive subscription forms have been mailed. If you did not receive an subscription form, please call 724-445-2220 from 8:00 AM to 4:00PM. You may download the subscription form by clicking on the link "Ambulance Subscription" and following the instructions found there.